Readers LOVE to share what they’ve read. It’s like this need to ‘tell on’ a great read. I was at the Athletics carnival at school on Sunday, which is an all-day gig and I had about three conversations about books and I came away with a couple of recommendations. I’ve also just discovered Kristan Higgins courtesy of Amanda over at Chick Lit is the New Black. Her recommendation arrived at a time when I needed a good escape read that made me laugh and Kristan Higgins delivered. 

As an author, I don’t feel comfortable reviewing books…I don’t see it as my role but I love to share a ‘Good Read’ so I’ve joined Goodreads. Wow, what a community! So many passionate readers with passionate views, but it’s a great way to get recommendations for books because, let’s face it, there are a gazillion stories out there and sometimes it can be daunting when you’re deciding which book to read.  So if you’re looking to connect with other readers, give GoodReads a try!


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