And the Big Men Fly!

Today a large part of southern Australia and slabs of Queensland will come to a halt at 2.30pm to watch the Australian Rules Football Grand Final. The two teams that are competing for the Premiership cup this year both have a huge fanbase. If you combined the paid up members of both Collingwood -The Magpies- and Geelong-The Cats- they would exceed the 110,000 capacity of the MCG- the stadium where the game will be played. Both teams are at the top of their game and we’re all hoping for a super -competitive match.

Geelong was in the football wilderness for  44 years, until the great victory of 2007. Today is their fourth GF appearance in five years and they’ve won twice. Will they make it a third?

Collingwood won last year and has won many times before. It is a team that brings out a passionate response- you either LOVE them or you HATE them and there is nothing much in between.

Who am I supporting?

Here’s a tip.




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