Seductive Frenchmen and a cute but testing kitten

I don’t know who was more excited this morning when the postman came- me or the kitten. I was excited because of a very unexpected arrival of a box of books and the kitten is beside herself because of the box:-)

It turns out, I’m in a special release titled, ‘Latin Lovers-Seductive Frenchmen’ along with lovely Presents/Modern authors Abby Green and Chantelle Shaw. Awesome!  My book is The French Doctor’s Midwife Bride. This story was written using the kernals of the story from the  very first book I ever wrote back in 1995.

Peko, the kitten, who has been in the house for six days now, loves a box, but this book box is the biggest one she’s had so far. It’s kept her entertained for a good hour. The sun is out in the office so I’m hoping she will settle down now for a nap as I start work.

She is generally a good kitten but seems to have one accident a day. I am worried this is going to turn into a battle of the wills. She knows where the litter box is and when I put her in it she mostly uses it. But then she will meow and instead of going to the litter box, start looking for places to void. I pick her up and put her in the covered, clean litter box that is sprinkled with the litter she had at the shelter. She uses it but she won’t if I don’t put her in it.

Any tips cat people?  Just as well she is gorgeous cute!


One thought on “Seductive Frenchmen and a cute but testing kitten

  1. Congrats on the “Latin Lovers” release – how exciting the book is from something you originally wrote 🙂

    My first mss will remain hidden….forever, LOL

    Sorry, no kitty tips from me. She is a very cute kitten 🙂

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