November means…

I had lunch with a good friend today to celebrate her birthday. I always know when it is her birthday and then DH’s which is next Wednesday, then Christmas is close. The junk mail has quadrupled telling me I should be buying presents. Thing is, in Australia, November also means school is careening to a close and that means the middle school play, exams and carol services, not to mention end-of-year school trips.

Life gets super busy, however have done one Christmas thing, and that is I have chopped up all the Christmas cake fruit and I have it soaking in whiskey, rum, vanilla, lemon essence and brandy. Everyone in the family walks past and gives it a shake.  I will bake it when it has soaked a month so that’s in two weeks.

I’ve also started a Christmas book which will be published this time next year. It’s a great time of year to write a Christmas book given the decorations are all up in the shops  and everywhere you turn there is something to remind you of the season. The only problem that I can see is actually finding the TIME to write it!


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