It’s officially December

It’s seemed like December since Monday, when I hopped on the country train and headed up to the big smoke of Melbourne to have lunch with a fabulous group of authors, most of whom live in Melbourne although there are a few of us country gals who travel up.

The city was glorious with its lush decorations and even though my boys are growing up and I was alone, I still paused to view the Myer’s windows which are animated each Christmas with a story. I ‘borrowed’ the delight of some little children who were agog at the sight of the magical wonder the windows  generate year after year.

I started my Christmas shopping and had a fun time in Fragrance Hall because after all, a girl needs to change her perfume now and then and I’m after a new scent. Then I walked through the magnificent Royal Arcade where you step back in time to 1880 and all the Victorian splendor and met

 Sharon Archer for a pot of tea. Together we crossed the Yarra River to The Langham

 hotel for lunch. I adore The Langham. They put a special combination of essential oils into their fountain and when you step in the foyer, peace and tranquility descend upon you. Not really. It does.  As usual, their tree was splendid.
Lunch was a feast, the conversation diverse as it always is with authors and it went too quickly . I headed back on the train, reading a book on my Kindle and was in good company as in the six seats around me, there was one iPad, two Kindles and a reading device of unknown origin 😉

As it is December, there are updates on my website and here is the collage of the book I have just started; a Christmas story for 2012.

 And now back to perfume…any tips on a light fruity summer perfume?


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