Not So Sunny Sydney

I’m up in Sydney for four days, doing some Christmas things including DH’s work dinner. Usually I arrive and feel the heat and humidity compared to the cooler temperatures where I live, but not this time. Sydney is cloudy and dull although not raining at the moment , she types holding her breath…

Weather aside, I am having a lovely time and this morning I caught up with Kandy Shepherd, author of ‘Home is Where the Bark Is’ and ‘Love Is  A Four-Legged Word’ as well as her phenomenally successful self-published contemporary romance,” Castaway Bride!”

We talked and talked as well as sharing the toffee-nut-choc waffle with ice cream  at Max Brenners. No need for lunch or even afternoon tea! This is the first time I have been to a Max Brenner Chocolate Bar and I kept thinking of Nicola Marsh who often tweets from one!  Sadly, I don’t have a smart phone (Santa, are you listening?) so I couldn’t tweet but I toasted Nicola and her new book, ‘Busted in Bollywood’ with Chai white chocolate tea! It was divine.

Now I am off to peek at the University of NSW, Kensington Campus as The Lad is at the point of visiting universities in planning for 2013. How did he get this grown up?


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