Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

It’s lunch time on Christmas Eve here and we’re in full swing preparing the house for our 11 guests tomorrow. I’ve been listening to the very entertaining Anne Fine story, The More The Merrier and I fell about laughing when the husband said he was a bit busy to clean the vegetables and his wife hit him with the litany of jobs she had done in the last three weeks prior to Christmas as well as her job and the usual domestic tasks. When she said, ‘and I had to wash the Christmas china which someone, you, hadn’t washed properly last year,’ I realised I had forgotten to get out the Christmas china. DH went to the back shed and brought back the box and as I type this I am having a cup of tea out of my Christmas mug.

I have hosted Christmas for many years but what I have noticed this year compared with previous years when the children were little,  is that teenage boys are not so wound up with excitement that they cause chaos and they  can actually help. The Lad has vacuumed and Boy Wonder has reorganized the furniture, polished the silver and set the table.  DH has done a fab job in the garden and I got the front roses pruned but this year the back is wild and so be it. I have found my Christmas Zen. It’s about friends and family gathering together, although I will be wiping down the bathroom tomorrow just before people arrive 😉

This year our summer has been cool so the roses are gorgeous and for the first time ever I have a rose bowl on the table to add to my usual vases of Christmas lillies and Gladioli dotted around the house. I’ve made the brandy cream sauce and the dressing for the prawn salad and the turkey is gently defrosting. Once the kitchen is cleaned I can sit and have a mince pie.

So now it’s time for me to wish  you a joyous festive season. I hope it is what you hope for whether that be time with family or friends or both. Travel safely and eat what you want because the New Year is for resolutions 😉

Love Fiona x


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