Happy New Year!


It’s a stinking hot and windy New Year’s Eve where I am and I think we’ll be spending it in the swimming pool. We have a family tradition of swimming, watching a movie, playing board games, watching ‘Arthur’s New Year’s Eve’ and then dashing up the stairs to my office and watching the fire works from the waterfront πŸ™‚ Β I keep expecting one of the boys to tell me they have another party to go to but we’re all together again this year so I am taking it while I can get it.

New Year’s Eve can be an odd experience. Sometimes we’re looking back fondly and other times wanting to close the door on the year and look forward to a shiny new year with no mistakes in it. Other times we know that things that troubled us in the current year will accompany us into the new year.

Me? I have some very fond and happy memories of wonderful things that happened in 2011, I have some sad things that I wish to leave behind and I know that some things are going to come with me whether I like it or not.

Thanks for all your support this year, for buying my books, for writing (mostly) lovely reviews, for your online friendship and the wealth of information all my on-line friends give me.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2012. Oh and party safe tonight.

Fiona xxx


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