Summer and the Living is….

It’s the summer school holidays/vacation down here. This year is a little unusual as I normally take off December and January and don’t write but this year I have a book due in February so I am writing. The Lad is about to start year 12 and the second year of the International Baccalaureate so he has an extended essay of 4.5K, an English essay, a history essay and maths homework to do as well as watching some French films. So he and I are happy to work but that leaves Boy Wonder who doesn’t have to do any thing at a bit of a loss. I’ve been dividing my days into work in the morning and ‘doing stuff’ in the afternoon.

We’ve seen Puss In Boots, the movie. Lots of fun and I think that Pekoe the kitten needs a cape! We’ve made a huge blue flag and I have learned all about sticky interfacing and reacquainted myself with the sewing machine.  We’ve shot off a rocket using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, practiced a duet on the piano and been swimming. Tomorrow, DH is taking him to the Australian Road Cycling championships.

We’re all loving seasons 3 & 4 of 30 Rock on DVD and the jigsaw puzzle is growing slowly. Friends have come for dinner and we’ve been to dinner with friends.

I usually read a lot during the summer but with working that has slowed and so far I have only read Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Phillips which I had somehow missed because I thought I had read all of her books.

Our beach holiday is coming up and I am gathering my reading list. So far I have A Year with the Templetons by Monica McInerney, The Daughter In-law by Joanna Trollope, A LadyAwakened by Cecila Grant, followed by Busted In Bollywood by Nicola Marsh

If you have a book I MUST read, please let me know.

But before I can settle down to the reading fest, I have to co-ordinate a massive camp pack and finish chapter five. Guess I better go do it.

Fiona x


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