Boomerang Bride is in Print for US Harlequin Subscription Readers!

I got a box of books delivered today.  As an author this happens quite a bit but the exciting thing about this box of books is that I never expected this particular book to be in print format.  When I sold Boomerang Bride to Carina Press, an ePublisher, I knew the chances of it ever being print-published were pretty slim. Imagine how thrilled I was when Angela James emailed me and told me they were printing it for the US Harlequin Reader Service. So here it is as a physical book 🙂 🙂

Oh, and  here is Pekoe being very impressed by my books 😉 Actually, she was trying to leap for the cord on the camera!


When I was on holidays I was also notified that Boomerang Bride was an ARRA finalist. ARRAstands for ‘Australian Romance Readers Association’, so I am thrilled that Australian readers have enjoyed this US-set book with all its cross-cultural fun.  It’s  also an RT Reviewers Choice Award finalist so I’m pretty pumped by the reception it’s getting.  The RT awards are in Chicago in April and sadly, that is a tad too far away, but the ARRA dinner is in Sydney so I’m going to shoot up there on the 11th of February. The best thing about the dinner? Catching up with so many writing mates and readers.

Meanwhile, before I can think about all that fun, I need to finish a book!



4 thoughts on “Boomerang Bride is in Print for US Harlequin Subscription Readers!

  1. Congratulations Fiona, what a wonderful surprise. I’m not surprised but delighted for you by all the accolades.
    I enjoyed the book so much and could relate well to being an Aussie with a problem in a foreign country. 🙂

  2. Wendy, thank you so much for calling by! Most of Matilda’s experiences with cross cultural issues happened to me when I lived in Wisconsin. Especially the horrified look I got from a mother when I offered her five year old a glass of cordial! In the US, cordial is a liqueur.
    I’m so glad you enjoyed reading Boomerang Bride

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