Happy Valentines Day!

Wishing all my wonderful readers, friends and family a lovely Valentine’s Day!


 The winner of my the super-cute pink heart ice blocks and an eBook edition of Boomerang Bride Valentine’s Day competition is ……… Drum roll…..


 Pekoe the kitten and I pulled her name out of a box. Actually Pekoe sat in the box and Chey’s name stuck to her fur.

 When I went back to look at the comment Chey left she’d said,

My favourite part of Valentines Day is the chocolate!

Chey, I have to agree!

Like any holiday,  we can have unmet expectations so my advice so you enjoy the day? Stage manage it! Make sure you arrange to do what you want to do and that way there’s no disappointment. For me, with DH out of state, I am going to hit the couch tonight after the boys have gone to bed and watch a fave romance movie and eat chocolate 🙂

Thanks to Natalie at Reading Romances for the Valentine’s Day Hop! I loved meeting everyone who called by over the last week.



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