The ARRA Dinner

On Saturday,  I shot up to Sydney for the ARRA Awards dinner and what a fun and fabulous night it was 🙂  The best part was catching up with readers and other authors and it was all helped along with champagne, delicious food and of course, chocolates!

I think Rachael Johns travelled the furthest to attend, flying in from Perth, although Helene Young and Melissa Craig came from Cairns which is also a fair effort!

The Cello Restaurant at the Castlereagh Hotel was a gorgeous setting, beautifully renovated to its full 1920’s glory. I could just imagine the string quartet playing next to the potted palms on the balcony.

I enjoyed the Tandoori chicken entrée, the eye fillet steak and the totally divine passionfruit meringue tart with lemon gelato. YUM! Oh and the handmade chocolates at the end of the night were also delish. Yes, I ate Sharon Archer’s, but she said I could.

Paula Roe gave an excellent speech about her life as a reader with lots of entertaining tales and I wished I’d had a Paula at my school reading books out loud at lunchtime!


The nine awards where announced in groups of three. Congratulations to Nalini Singh, Anna  Campbell, Denise Rossetti, Kelly Hunter, Helene Young, & Julie James.

Carina Press sponsored the Sci Fi/Fantasy category and I apologise for my appalling photography but here is Shannon Curtis and Rachael Johns announcing the winner who was Nalini Singh.

With lots  of chatter and laughter it all came to an end far too quickly. Many thanks to the ARRA committee for all their hard work.


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