Cat Heaven

For those of you following Pekoe the kitten, she’s 7 months old now and on the weekend, DH and Boy Wonder built her ‘cat heaven.’ She is the indoor cat with the outdoor enclosure, complete with a high tunnel and tower where she can survey her domain and feel the air on her face.  Here she is enjoying the sights and sounds and the breeze.


Big thanks to MJ Scott for all her cat tips!


3 thoughts on “Cat Heaven

  1. I bet my Cap’n Jack would love something like a ‘cat heaven’. He was a skinny stray when he adopted our back deck. He wormed his way into our hearts and then our home. He never rushes for the door or begs to go out. Right now his idea of ‘cat heaven’ is the nearest available lap.

    Lucky Pekoe, she looks like a happy cat!

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