Equipment a writer needs

One day I got a sore neck. Nothing had changed. Not the position of my chair, or my computer screen or my ergonomic keyboard. I was at the myotherapist fortnightly and the only thing happening was the neck was getting worse and the therapist was buying a car.

Then I had one of those 3a.m. revelations. The sore neck started soon after I got my new glasses. I confess I need to wear glasses all the time these days. I can’t fudge things because even though I am over 40-something and agedly long sighted, the distance is out of focus as well as the close up!  So if I have to have frames on my face eighteen hours a day,  I want them to look good, right? And they do but I realized I am tilting my neck up to find the mid-range distance part of the lens and that is giving me the neck pain.

I rang the Optometrist who said, ‘You need computer glasses.’ Do what now? says I.  ‘Computer glasses. Come on down.’  So I did. For $39 I have cheap, plastic glasses that look awful and twice now I’ve have been halfway down the street before realising that nothing is in focus. Of course those are the days I invariably run into people I know although granted, they’re fuzzy. The glasses kinda match the daggy trackkie pants I am occasionally seen out in close to a deadline. I fear I am getting a reputation as that ‘dishevelled woman who just got a cat.’

But, the good news is,  I no longer have a sore neck!


9 thoughts on “Equipment a writer needs

  1. Oooh great news! I wear contacts for short-sightedness and my clever optomemtrist came up with the brillinat idea of giving me glasses that actually take me back a step the other way (one step into balancing out long-sightedness) so that he I go from close up computer sight to long distance regular sight the leap is a step less. Haven’t had a change in contact lens prescription in the five years since!

  2. That’s great, Fiona! Think I am getting close to needing computer glasses. I already wear glasses for distance – but only once I step outside my front door. I’m OK around the house and it gives my eyes a rest. But computer glasses might be used a lot more!

  3. I wear computer glasses. Once I got into the car wearing them and drove several kilometers before I figured out what was actually wrong with the blurry street signs. Doh!

  4. LOL, Joan. It sounds like you’ve joined me. The thing is I can get down the stairs and out on the street before I realise. If only I knew the moment I stood up.

  5. Some years ago a Gp who was a friend mentioned he had glasses with a gadget so that you could move the glasses up or down on multi-focals so could have three different ranges. Was marvellous for computers – and reading music at apiano or organ! Unfortunately, the last time I had to get new specs the fashion has made the lenses much narrower and simply did not work any more so am now back to multifocused and lifting head up and down!

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