Mini Break in the North East

I love autumn! The crisp, cool mornings, the clear-sky days of warm but not hot temperatures and after the heat of summer it energises me somewhat despite the signs from the garden that things are slowing down. This weekend we took a mini-break and visited a retired teacher who has moved to one of my favourite parts of the state. The North East. Ringed by blue mountains and dotted with the gnarly but beautiful redgums,  it really is God’s Own Country and the weather was perfect.

We tramped the boundary of the farm, weighed cattle, and we ate and drank sensational food and wine. We  rode our bikes 30km along country roads, through stands of gums and wattles, and were deafened by the raucous cry of white cockatoos, laughed at by kookaburras and heartened by the sweet song of the magpies. We watched the lazy rolling gait of an echidna following his nose for ants and slept to the glump-glump sound of frogs.

Here are some pictures to give you an peek.


3 thoughts on “Mini Break in the North East

  1. Thanks, Gals, it was lovely! Now have to settle back into real life. Sorry you’re still getting that sort of heat, Rach, but that’s why I live in Victoria…. I can’t do that sort of heat for long.

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