Road Trip coming up

It’s been a heck of a week here.  Tuesday was totally amazing finding out the Boomerang Bride was a Rita Finalist. That night I heard  Tal Ben Shahar from Harvard speak about positive psychology. What a fabulous speaker and although I was feeling like I was coming down with a cold, I was riveted to his message. If you want to hear him you can track him down here or Google him.

Wednesday  I woke up sick, skipped the gym and tried to work.  My gorgeous new hero, Luke, is not being helpful at all and with a cotton-wool head, I gave up. My parents arrived on Thursday, the boys finished school for a two week break and by Friday I was on the couch.  Being sick gave me time to check out flights to the US though and make contact with friends to see if I could actually make a trip to the conference happen and catch up with some Wisconsin mates at the same time.  Thrilled to say, it is going to happen! The easy bit will be going, the tough bit will be organising care of the boys over that time.

I had put the bottle of Moet on ice, planning to drink it on Saturday night when everyone was home but by Saturday I couldn’t taste anything I was so snuffed up with cold and dizzy so my celebratory dinner has been postponed. Not to worry! It’s something to look forward to.

Sunday, I rose from the couch and managed to attend a very funny show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and yesterday I managed to function for half of the day. YAY!  Let’s hope I can make most of the day as we’re heading west to South Australia tomorrow to visit family, enjoy Easter and check out a university as part of The Lad’s Were will I go uni next year?’ investigations. Oh and get some driving hours down too.

Boy Wonder is working hard on a new website for me so we are going to be taking some lovely rural snaps while we drive through the western district of Victoria and into South Australia.

Wishing you all an early but safe and happy Easter!


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