Autumn Gardens

ImageAt this time of year as my US counterparts are busy popping up pictures of  crocuses, tulips, talking about planting vegetables, I get a bit nostalgic for colour in the garden. Right now, with May looming, my garden is definitely starting to go to sleep and I’ve been helping it go to bed.

We’ve been spreading compost, raking leaves,and dead-heading roses, but we’ve also done some planting, popping in some new plants to fill the spots where things have died.I’ve learned that with our summer heat, it’s best to plant in autumn rather than spring as it gives the plants time to ‘find their feet’ before the tough weather hits.

Yesterday we put in some gardenias and azaleas as well as six Photinia Robustas which I hope will make a wonderful hedge. I have totally given up on Luma hedge…it just is far too fussy to grow in the heat.

The garden isn’t totally devoid of colour in autumn. The camellias are about to burst forth…here is an early flower, some of the roses are still flowering albeit with smaller heads, the ornamental grape is glowing red and the cumquats are ripe and a vivid orange.  I’m focussing on all that rather than the rest of the drabness which tells me winter is nipping at my heels.




One thought on “Autumn Gardens

  1. Those are some lovely roses, and camellia. Our autumn has been very quick this year because everything is so dry. The trees have turned and lost their leaves already and last year we had them until May.

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