And covers continue…

Sorry the blog is late…sick kid!  I hope everyone had the Mother’s Day they wanted over the weekend. I am a big believer in  stage-managing the day so there is no risk of frustration or disappointment 😉  The last two years however, my Mother’s Day has been taken out of my control due to my eldest son having to play jazz at a concert. But what’s not to like? I get to sit down, enjoy a lovely lunch, chat to people and listen to lovely music. Win-win, really.

The cover for my next medical romance, Letting Go With Dr. Rodriguez has been released. It’s up for pre-order for the super keen readers. I promise you lots of ‘behind the scenes’ information and photos on June 1st over at my website. Meanwhile, just know that Marco is a totally gorgeous, Argentine, polo-playing doctor and enjoy the UK cover.


6 thoughts on “And covers continue…

  1. Good to hear, Imelda! Ironically, the cover of ‘Single Dad, Triple Trouble’, where the hero was the father of triples, there wasn’t a child in sight!

  2. ON the subject of romances with children, you might be able to answer this question for me. I’ve noticed lately that the majority of babies featured in stories seem to be not common to both hero and heroine. i.e. Single mothers or fathers meeting the love of their life after having a child to someone else. Do you think this is a reflection of wider society trends, is it something that the publishers are looking for and asking for in particular? Or is it a coincidence that so many different writers are introducing this just lately? Feel free to write a blog on it if the answer is complex . Or not ;-].
    PS LOve the cover. He looks like a real guy rather than a model.

  3. Um…. I haven’t given it much thought. All I can say, Fiona, is that author’s write whatever story comes to them and given we live in the real world with a rising divorce rate and blended families, perhaps this reflects that. Or not. Thinking back on some of my books I have had children which are created by the hero and heroine and I have had children that have been born from someone else. There are no rules.

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