Sydney Harbour Hospital: Tom’s Redemption On Shelf in Australia from Today!

Winter is here with a vengeance in southern Victoria and I’m writing this with a blankie on my knee, the heater cranked up and counting down the days until we leave for a week in hopefully sunnier and warmer Fiji.

However, I find winter is great for catching up on reading. I heat up the wheat pack and tuck up under the doona! I have new book out this week.

Sydney Harbour Hopstial: Tom’s Redemption is the 4th book in the Sydney Harbour Hospital series, however all books are ‘stand alone’ so no need to panic if you haven’t read any of the others. Set in big city Sydney, it’s a departure from my usual small town setting and I loved going to Sydney for research! I hope you enjoy reading Tom & Hayley’s story. Sometimes life can deal you a lousy hand and Tom discovers it’s what you do with that deal that makes all the difference.

Reviews are coming in and one reader wrote, “This is one of the best M&B Medicals I have read in a long while – it seemed no time since I had started reading it until I reached the last page! “

You can find it on a shelf at Big W, Target, Kmart or  Amazon, iTunes and Mills & Boon Australia. For pictures and background information, head to my website.

Wishing you time for reading and some winter sunshine!


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