Missing Island Time

We’re home. After a marvellous week in Fiji, kicking back on “Island Time”, we’re having to adapt to the real world again. It’s also raining and cold and we’re missing those lovely 26C days. And the beach. And the hammock. And the naps. And the meals which were all prepared by someone else. And the view of the glorious beach ….

Over the week, I’ll post photos to show you what we did “this time last week”. To start off here is what I did last Sunday. I went to church and heard wonderful acapella singing, I lazed in a beachside hammock and read and I also went snorkelling and saw Nemo and many of his friends.

Here I was reading Sister Pact by Ali Ahearn and Ros Baxter. It was appropriate as it’s set on a tropical island!

Here we are on our way to Church. The Yasawas are a chain of islands and there are no roads. You either walk or go by boat.

We attended the Methodist Church. The Methodists arrived in the 1800s with the aim of stopping the cannibalism and converting the Fijian’s to Christianity. Today, on the far flung islands, the Methodist churches are still run without any musical instruments but with the sensational voices of the Fijians I didn’t even notice there wasn’t an organ!

 And the day ended with a glorious sunset and a beach cast in golden shadows.


10 thoughts on “Missing Island Time

    • Kandy, we had Perfect weather. Sunshine every day, 26C and not a drop of rain.Best time for Fiji is March to November.

  1. Fiona, we all wish we could soak up that lovely sunshine. Summer has forgotten to arrive on the B.C. west coast!!! Very interesting to hear about your holiday in paradise!!

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