Fiji: Teenagers Surprise You

The Lad is almost 18 with July 17th being the big day. He’s in his final year of school and so much of this year is focussed on next year as he applies to universities. He can feel adulthood looming and he’s up for the challenge. But he was on  holidays so I figured he’d be sleeping late but no? HE had us up at 5.30am, hauling us up an almost vertical hill in the dark to the second highest peak on the island so we could see the sunrise. He totally drove this activity and then the next day got up again and RAN up to the highest peak. After that he reverted to normal programming of a teenager and slept in!

So here is the sunrise and it was glorious and it was worth the trip although I much preferred scrambling UP the hill than sliding down it afterwards.


After that I had to kickback and read for a large part of the day. Here I am reading Jilted by Rachael Johns which I really enjoyed.

After a nap we learned all about coconuts and how they use every part of the plant. Our guide said when he was a child his parents would tell him, ‘Be useful like a coconut.’  Here we are about to squeeze coconut milk through a sieve which is material from the coconut tree.

Funny story…I bought virgin coconut oil to bring home. It is totally clear. When it came out of the hold of the plane it was frozen and I figured it would thaw quickly. A day later, in my house it is still solid. Turns out it needs to be about 24C or 78F for coconut oil to be liquid!! Guess I won’t be using it until the summer.

After that I’m pretty sure I read some more, had a cocktail, ate dinner and went to bed. Tough life being on holidays/vacation in Fiji 🙂


3 thoughts on “Fiji: Teenagers Surprise You

  1. Your son sounds amazing Fiona – but of course he is with a b’day like July 17th (which is also my middle son’s b’day)! Thanks for the pic of you reading JILTED – I’m so glad you enjoyed it. x RAch!

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