Final Days in Fiji and Nadi Library Visit

Every morning our beds were made and flowers were left on the bed and the vanity. My favourite tropical flower will always be the frangipani. I think it reminds me of my childhood in Papua New Guinea. I had frangipani on my wedding cake.

As it is winter in Fiji, the frangipani are not flowering profusely but the housekeepers knew I loved them and always managed to find some. Bless! When I found one on the ground I always tucked it behind my ear and enjoyed the perfume.

We spent our last day  doing what we’d done each day…reading…I read Shannon’s Stacey’s Summer Kisses, we kyacked and lost our shirts backing the hermit crab that rolled over on it’s back and didn’t move for the entire race 😉  The water was so clear you could see the coral from the kyack and I paddled out to some exposed rocks and there were crabs the size of a man’s fist. Boy can they move fast!

For five days,  we were summoned to breakfast lunch and dinner by the sound of the traditional Fijian drum and then all too soon it was time to return to the mainland.

The staff work long hours …six weeks on and one week off. Granted, each afternoon, they kick back and relax but it’s not the same as not having to be on duty. We were sad to say goodbye and I got a bit teary during the farewall song.

 On Friday morning I attended the Nadi Library. Nas Dean, from Romance Book Paradise is a volunteer at the library and the original plan was that I would call by and drop in some books however it grew from that and they invited me to speak at the civic centre which was such an honour. Look at this glorious lei they presented to me.

I was lucky to meet with many readers and teachers at the end of the session and signed books for the library. Nas is in the picture below wearing the most gorgeous sari.

Then the whole family went to lunch and Nas took us to her home for a cup of tea. It was a lovely way to end a trip to Fiji. If you’re planning a trip and it takes in Nadi, please take some books to donate to the library.


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