Nothing like Fear to Motivate a Girl

Back in the day when I was a nursing mother and weight was falling off me due to the leeches that were my beautiful babies, I fell into a bad habit.

Is that cake? I’ll have two slices. Is that Camembert? Dip? Salt and vinegar  potato chips? Pass the entire bag!

Then the boys grew and were weaned and eating two of everything bad and yummy caught up with me. Nothing like seeing a picture of you and the husband in a family portrait to give you a wake up call. So I cut back, I lost weight and all was good for a while.

In 2009 I joined a gym as the weight had crept back on and I’d hit a certain age when it doesn’t like to come off all that easily!  Problem with the gym was, I justified my exercise and rationalised that it off-set the cakes and chips. So I got fitter than I’d ever been in my life  but my weight stayed pretty much the same. I was on the cusp of tipping out of healthy into overweight.

Then I became a Rita Finalist. There’s a 1:8 chance I might have to walk up on stage in front of 2000 people. Now that makes a girl take stock. Nothing like the fear of 4000 eyes on you to make you get serious. All it took was dropping the treats, which I have always known but when you drink 8 cups of tea a day with a habit of eating something at the same time, it takes a bit of willpower. I summoned it up from the depths.

Today I checked in at the gym for the weigh and measure. I’ve lost 3kg, lost 8 cm off my waist ( I think they must have mis-measured as it doesn’t look that different) lost a few cms here and there also I still need a brick on my stomach but that’s what sculptured underwear is for, right?

So me losing weight guarantees I won’t win but hell, I’ll look good doing it 😉


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