RWA 12 Round-Up Part One

Hi, I’m back in Australia after 13 fabulous days in the US. After spending five days in Wisconsin, (another blog post on another day), I attended the Romance Writers of America’s annual conference. It was four days filled with lunches, dinners, cocktail parties, dancing parties, workshops, book signings and the RWA awards’ night. It was so wonderful to meet face to face with writers I had been emailing since 2005 🙂

The event started with the Literacy signing on the Wednesday evening. I had never seen such a big room as the space in the Anaheim convention centre. The fabulous staff at Carina Press (CP) made sure all the CP authors had helium balloons in CP colours tied to their chairs.  I sat next to Patricia Davids who writes for Harlequin Love Inspired line and  Susan Gee Heino from Berkley. They were both such great fun the three hours passed really quickly.

I tried to attend workshops but only managed about 2 a day in between social events. I mean, when the editors from Mills and Boon invite a girl out to lunch, is she going to say, ‘no’? Not this puppy!

It was wonderful to meet Susan Carlise, Tina Beckett and Connie Cox in person. Susan and Connie are fabulous southern women with sensational accents and Tina is quieter but just as gorgeous. They were so much fun. Here are Susan and the lovely Louisa George from New Zealand  at the medical romance authors’ lunch. Later in the week I discovered they are both awesome on the dance floor as well as being great writers.

The intrepid Fiona McArthur led a bevvy of Harlequin Medical romance authors on the Anaheim bus system and here she is enjoying a well-earned drink. I LOVE the hat! 

Thursday night was the Harlequin PJ party and I won $25 worth of books for walking across the road in my PJs. Given that they covered me from neck to knee and I threw a pashmena around my shoulders,  I didn’t think it was a very daring thing to do but hey, I’m not complaining 🙂

Friday was the Harlequin book signing, the  Carina Press cocktail party followed by the Harlequin ball. All three events were super  enjoyable and here are some photos.

Here is Shannon Stacey and I just before the Harlequin book signing. Shannon writes the wonderful Kowalski series.

Here is Lynne Marshall who writes for Harlequin Special Edition and Medical Romance. She and I sold within six weeks of each other back in 2005 but this was the first time I had met her.

As wordpress is going all wobbly on me I will stop here and write another blog for the rest of the conference!


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