I’ve just filled in the art fact sheet for Saved By The Bride.(Carina Press April 2013)  Basically, what happens is you write a blurb about your book, describe your characters, give some examples of some key scenes in the book and you attach some photos to give the graphic designer a feel of how you see the book. Then you wait.

All publishing houses have different ways of doing things and some houses give their authors a lot more input into the cover design than others. Sometimes the cover is a perfect match for the book and other times, not so much.

For example, I loved both my covers of Boomerang Bride and the Australian version got Matilda’s hair and eye colour correct.

Of course, being published in a variety of different countries means the same book gets a lot of covers. In October I am fortunate enough to have a book in an anthology with some other Aussie authors and the cover is gorgeous and glitzy. My book however, is set in a small coastal town a very long way from Sydney on the cover! Mind you, I guess the twins on the front didn’t say ‘small coastal town’ either!

In November, I have a Christmas story coming out and the UK cover has nailed the title: A Newborn Baby for Christmas. It reminds me of when my sons were small and we dressed them in Santa hats for a photo!

I have my fingers crossed for Saved By The Bride’s cover. I wonder what story element  they will focus on? The small town? The Wisconsin north woods lake? The bride theme? I’ll let you know as soon as I do!


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