What sort of Dog?

I love this photo of a farm in Wisconsin. I took it on my trip in July and have used it as the setting for Lakeview Farm in Picture Perfect Wedding.

On Friday, I finally sent Picture Perfect Wedding off to my editor. The book I thought would be on the short side and close to 90 thousand words, came in at 99 thousand! Obviously I have clue about length! All I know is as I got closer to the end of the story, more story needed to be wound up.  When I was moaning it wouldn’t end, my editor kindly said, “you write delicious sub-plots so of course it will be long.”

The weekend was full of school activities with a dinner on Friday night and then the athletics carnival yesterday. I did the annual sausage sizzle and had fun chatting to parents. It was a good relax and total break from writing.

Now it’s Monday and I need to start my next project which is another medical romance. After the fun I had writing Tom’s Redemption for the Sydney Harbour Hospital Series, I jumped at the chance to write another series book. This time it’s a book set in sunny Queensland and out of sheer coincidence it is set on the Gold Coast where I just recently attended a conference! This makes picturing the setting very easy.

                                                                 I’ve spent this morning choosing photos of the characters and I’ve made a photo board at Pinterest!  This is my first ever gig at Pinterest and with all the copyright laws, I can’t display the board here, sorry, but it’s just one click away 😉

Luke is a brooding plastic surgeon so Guy Pearce is my muse for him!

Chloe is a Greek Australian with a bubbly personality so I’ve chosen Nia Vardalos as my muse for her.

Let’s hope it helps because anyone who follows this blog knows I don’t start books very easily!

Now I need some help, please…..what sort of dog is popular with single women aged 30? Chloe needs a dog!


10 thoughts on “What sort of Dog?

  1. Depends on how she gets the dog, Fiona. If she adopts it or inherits it, it could be anything. I would love to give her something enormous, just for the fun it might create for her and your hero. Great Danes are gorgeous, dopey, sleepy, affectionate giants that are quite scary at first glance even to a dog lover. And I know this because I know a doctor who owned two.

    • Thanks, Imelda! a great Dane did cross my mind but she doesn’t have a yard so not fair on the dog. Also there is a toddler involved…..

  2. English Springer Spaniel. Because they’re bouncy, enthusiastic, incredibly loving, and will be very happy to go for a run with your heroine/steal her shoes/fetch the post for her/forget to swallow the last mouthful of water and then let it dribble on your hero’s trousers so she can see he doesn’t make a big deal out of things… (And yes, mine does all that. Ignore the fact that he’s snoring his head off in my office right now) I can send you pics if you need them 🙂

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