Holiday Snaps!

The boys and I have been enjoying a week of spring sunshine in two different places.

Boy Wonder (14) and I whooped it up at Mt Hotham for 2.5 days of skiing leaving DH at work and The Lad (18) studying for his final exams which start scarily soon on November 4th.

Spring in the Australian Alps is just glorious. Blue skies go on forever, the snow is white, white, and the tow-lines are almost non-existent. We skied ourselves silly and got sunburned.

For the full photo load of glorious high country snaps with stunning views try this link.

We shot home, did a load of laundry or two and twenty-two hours later we jetted off to Sydney, picked up DH, collected the hire car… yes we were just as surprised to find they had substituted a Mercedes Benz for a Ford…SCORE! and we drove to the Blue Mountains. The lovely Kandy Shepherd had invited us to her farm and we got to meet Albert, the 21 year-old cat along with the farm cat and the tubby cat as well as the horses and the chooks (chickens).

Nestled in a beautiful valley, we were protected from the dreadful weather up on the bluffs and we enjoyed sunshine and blue skies, although we needed the fire after 3pm. We tramped over the farm and talked writing while the two husbands went cycling up punishing hills!  I am sure there is an easier way  to get coffee!

We ate fabulous food, met with other writers and generally had a lovely time! The boys went horse riding and enjoyed exploring the secret spots on the farm like the creek and the pristine water that gushes over pink granite.

We headed off on Sunday after a scrummy lunch of leftovers and we showed the boys the famous, “Three Sisters” in Katoomba. As you can see my hair isn’t quite as red as theirs any more!

Monday was a public holiday in NSW so we headed to the Royal National Park; Australia’s oldest national park which was declared in 1879! Everyone else had a similar idea as it was very busy. So busy that we had to hike into the picnic area of our choice but it was worth it as you can see by the photos.

We’re home now and website updates for October are complete and I have final edits for Saved By The Bride and chapter two to write for my current medical romance. Hopefully, I can settle down after a lovely nine days away.


2 thoughts on “Holiday Snaps!

  1. Fiona, it was such a pleasure to have you with us and to meet your wonderful family. So nice to meet The Lad and Boy Wonder–they are such good company! And it was great to talk writing too–we could do that for hours, couldn’t we!

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