Back to Regular Programming!

The boys are back at school and I am back at the desk and this term is going to be HUGE!

Boy Wonder has the school play and training for the Great Vic Bike Ride in late November, The Lad has three weeks left of school before he starts Year 12 ‘swat vac’ so I have a Valedictory dinner and Speech Day at the end of the month. I remember when he started school and now he is finishing!!!!

I am writing a medical romance; part of a new series call the Gold Coast City Hospital and in between I am training for the bike ride.

The Great Victorian Bike Ride is an annual event that tours a different part of the state each year, but it is always nine days of cycling and roughly 590 kilometers which is 367 miles. I know,l I am totally insane.  I have done it before but that was 8 years ago and I think it is a bit like childbirth…you forget the hard stuff. I really shouldn’t have cos I almost died on my first training ride the other day.  Add in the fact I will also be riding with about 70 fourteen year olds and I really am questioning my sanity.  So in-between writing the book I am cycling up as many hills as I can find.




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