Last Day of School For The Lad!*

The Lad, who is doing Year 12 this year has left home for his ‘Celebration Day’ aka as the re branded ‘muck-up’ day, aka, the last day of secondary school.  Ironically, as he is doing the International Baccalaureate  not the VCE,(Victorian Certificate Education)  it isn’t even his last day! He still has to roll up until October 31st as his exams start a few days after the VCE.

But today is the day so here he is as Zoro. There will be a bouncy castle and a chocolate fountain as well as a BBQ.

Saturday night we have Valedictory dinner and then Sunday is the formal proceedings of Speech Day.

So it is really happening. He is so very close to finishing his secondary education. My first born is about to sit the most significant exams of his short life so far and as I’ve told him, these are just the first of many.

I still remember the little boy who refused to put on his school uniform on his first day of school 13 years ago. Fortunately that was the only day he didn’t want to go!

Also, today I’m over at Love Is The Best Medicine, the medical romance author’s blog and I’m talking writing and biking. 

Love to see you there!


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