Newborn Baby for Christmas on sale NOW!

It’s release day in the USA and UK for Newborn Baby for Christmas. The Aussies have to wait another month, sorry!

Do I hear some of you say that November 1st is a bit early for a Christmas story?  Scarily, it is not! I ordered my first Christmas present yesterday for my younger son and this weekend it is time to cut up the fruit for the liqour-infused Christmas cake. It needs to soak for a month before I bake it in early December. November 1 also means it’s time to plant the tomato and basil seedlings down here as technically the frosts are over, although given the world’s weather, who really knows, right?

The shops are now filling with Christmas things and the junk mail has gone up exponentially; another sign that the retailers certainly think it is time for us to be thinking of Christmas. I have even had the urge to start making a list!

Things get busy and as you know, between now and Christmas I have a son writing his final Year 12 exams and an insane bike ride to complete so I am starting to feel the pressure to ‘get organised.’ I am not sure it will translate into being organised but it’s a start. I am starting to ask the boys what they might want. As both of them will be living away from home next year, it may well be a ‘practical’ Christmas…sheets, towels, rubber boots, that sort of thing!

Anyway, back to my book, Newborn Baby for Christmas. I love Christmas and I loved writing this book. The idea came from the original Christmas story, starting with the virgin birth. Almost all the elements of the original Christmas story are in my very modern, 2012, Christmas tale, although no camels.  To get a feel for the setting, please visit my website. I set this book very close to where I live, which is a beautiful coastal part of the world. I even mention Leura Park Estate, a favourite winery who’s motto, ‘Life is Short, Celebrate Well’ is something we should all take on board.

I hope you enjoy reading Newborn Baby For Christmas  as much as I enjoyed writing it. Enjoy the run up to Christmas!

Fiona x


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