Sydney in December

I spent the weekend in Sydney; the Emerald city. Often going up there from cooler Victoria, I melt in the humidity but this year it was the reverse. Sydney was cooler!  I was there for my husband’s work Christmas party which was held in a gorgeous private dining room at Curzon Hall. I am sure our dinning room with private balcony started life as a bedroom. Over a  hindered years ago, this magnificent mansion was built with money earned from apple orchards. In fact it was the place the granny smith apple was created.

The rest of the weekend was spent visiting. I got to catch up with Joanne, the woman who provided all the information about artificial insemination for Newborn Baby for Christmas. I got to meet her lovely, baby boy as well. What’s not to love about a bouncy 8 month-old, smiling and gurgling baby!




We also had Yum Cha in Chinatown and then took the boys to N2 Extreme Gelato. Set up like a lab with the ingredients in beakers and the attendants in white coats, you see your gelato made before your eyes using dry ice. A fun gimmick and the mango gelato tasted identical to a real mango! They have fun Christmas taste sensations such as  gingerbread and plum pudding.

This is my 7th trip to Sydney in the last two years and every time I go up there I say, ‘I’m going to Manly,’  Once again, I didn’t make it but there’s always next time. 🙂



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