Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! As I write this post,  it’s nine hours into 2013 down here in Australia.

When the new year was twenty minutes old,  I was walking around with a garbage bag cleaning up after a group of thirteen seventeen & eighteen year-olds who’d had a lovely party in our back garden.  BBQ, night swimming and then snuggling up under rugs waiting for the magical midnight.

So I started 2013 on duty which is fine. As a parent, I’m never off-duty and it was lovely to see a group of young people having a great time without getting filthy drunk. So my first hope for 2013 was met! 😉

I’m looking forward to 2013 with a degree of trepidation as my life will be quite different during school term time. My youngest son will be at boarding school for his special year ‘up the bush’ and my eldest son will be away at university. The house will be very quiet! My husband and I will get a taste of the ’empty nest’ of the future.

I’m really looking forward to my trilogy of bride books- Wedding Fever- which are coming out across the Year. Saved By The Bride kicks off the trilogy in April 2013, followed by Picture Perfect Wedding in August and Runaway Groom in December. I will also have a medical romance out and a short story so do call by the blog and my website for all the news.

I hope your 2013 is filled with good health because if we’re healthy, everything else is just that little bit easier. I hope you experience moments of joy, that you can find something to be grateful for every day, and that the challenges you meet are surmountable.  I also wish you TIME. Time to read, time to sit and time to just be.

Roll on 2013. I’m ready!


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. You too, Joanne! And yes, I AM too young to be an empty-nester! It is just for 2013. After that, Boy Wonder will be home again. It is just Year 9 he is away at a different campus of school. Then he is home again for Years 10-12.

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