Pancake Tuesday!

It’s Pancake Tuesday! Other places around the world call it Shrove Tuesday and/or Fat Tuesday. It means Easter is only 6 weeks away.

Why Pancake Tuesday?

It dates back to early Christian times and according to a variety of sources, the name Shrove Tuesday comes from the custom of ringing the “shriving bell” to summon the people to church to be “shriven” – that is, to confess their sins at the beginning of Lent and to experience 40 days of denial.

The week preceding Lent (Mardi Gras in Rio and New Orleans and many other places) has become a time of merrymaking, culminating on Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday

At this time, certain foods were/are given up for the duration of Lent, such as eggs, milk, meat and rich buttery dishes. On Shrove Tuesday, families eat up all the rich foods left in their pantries. One way they use up the eggs, milk and fats in the house is to add flour to make special pancakes! Hence the name, Pancake Tuesday.

mardigras float

An author mate of mine is there right now AND she got to ride on a float and throw out all those beaded necklaces. I am very jealous. The closest I have got to Mardi Gras was the museum across the river from the old town of New Orleans.

My sons are always keen to celebrate Pancake Tuesday so I whip up some savoury pancakes and then follow them with dessert pancakes.

Looking for ideas? Savoury Pancakes & dessert pancakes

Over dinner we talk about what we’re giving up for Lent.  We’re not a religious family but when you look at the world’s poverty we are a privileged one and despite my boys sometimes thinking they are hard done by, they are not so I think it is a great idea to give something up for six weeks and learn from a bit of self restraint and self-discipline. That said, I gave up wine once for Lent and I learned from that..choose something else 😉

So do you make pancakes on pancake Tuesday? Do you give up something for Lent?


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