An Amazing Thing Happened on Thursday…

On Thursday,  I was thinking about taking a break for lunch and the phone rang. I’ve only just signed  up for ‘Do Not Calll’ an Australian Government imitative where you can block cold calls, and the caller ID said, “Private Number”. Hmm, I thought but I was expecting a call from a friend so I picked up.

The woman on the end of the line explained she was from a travel agency about 1km away from where I live which I thought was odd, as I hadn’t booked any trips with them but before that thought could fully take hold she said, she was with the marketing manager from the Performing Arts Centre.

That snagged me.  The fact he was there ruled out this being a cold call because it was too odd a combination. Then she told me that my husband and I had just won an trip to Paris for 7 days, which included a ride to Melbourne International airport in a limo, 7 nights in a luxury hotel in Paris and some spending money!!!

My reaction was, “How?”  How could we have won this when I had no recollection of ever entering a competition. I mean , I just don’t enter because I never win and if you have to fill in your phone number you get cold called! I am also heard to say when I hand over my money for fundraising raffles, “What is it that I’m not going to win?” 😉

The lovely Maxine explained that every person who subscribed to the annual theatre program…(we do this automatically every year)… went into the draw for this prize. I hope the marketing guy never finds out we didn’t even know about the promotion as obviously it was organised to promote subscription rates!

The flip side to this exciting news is that as both boys are not at home this year,  DH and I were planning a trip to France later in the year! It is our one opportunity to get away alone before Boy Wonder is home again for the next three years of senior high school. We had  got to the point of almost nailing a departure date. Our plans are to cycle along the Canal du Midi so we can still do that but recover in luxury in Paris!

Last year I gave my sister a hard time because she won two iPads…boy, is she giving me heaps now!

Have you ever picked up the phone and got GOOD news? Or won a prize? I think the last “dumb luck” prize I won was a beach towel when I was 12!

(This blog was cross posted on the Medical Authors Blog, Love Is The Best Medicine)


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