Last year in the USA, I was introduced to Pinterest. I was a little hesitant not because I didn’t think it was a great idea, but because of copyright issues.  However, I was assured by Harlequin’s Legal team that if I pinned a picture directly from a website I wasn’t breaking the law. Of course, I can also use my own photos.

I started quietly back in October of last year where, instead of making a collage of characters, I did a board for my Gold Coast City Hospital medical romance. I’ve just created boards for the three novels in my Wedding Fever trilogy.  There’s Saved By The Bride, Picture Perfect Wedding and Runaway Groom

I’ve also had fun looking at favourite author’s boards such as Shannon Stacey’s The Kowalski Stuff of Doom.  There are also boards on everything from architecture to zoos. Part of me dares not even open the treasure trove that is Pinterest as I may never resurface into real life.

What sort of stuff do you enjoy looking at on Pinterest?


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