A Four Day Holiday

Down here in Australia, Easter is a four-day holiday. Lots of people head off on a holiday/vacation and for the last two years, that is what we’ve done but this year we stayed home..sort of!

On Good Friday we drove 90 minutes to my brother-in-law’s house for a family gathering which was great and on Sunday, I hosted the other side of our extended family  Where was the sunshine and warm weather when I needed it? After weeks of heat, it vanished and rain came instead making a BBQ and an outside gathering impossible. Suddenly, I sat 14 down to lunch. Thank goodness Boy Wonder was home as he is a whizz at moving furniture and setting tables!

On Easter Monday we schlepped up the road to Melbourne to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. We took the boys to the Khan Mongolian restaurant which has been there forever and they watched their meal cooked before their eyes and then we saw Ian D Montfort, Britain’s comedic spirit medium. He was hysterically funny and spookily accurate  Here is a taste where he totally flummoxes a Channel 10 news reporter.

Yesterday, Boy Wonder had his wisdom teeth out and today The Lad heads back to Tassie for lectures tomorrow and I have to head back to Runaway Groom!

What did you get up to over Easter?


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