The State Library, Melbourne Australia


Last week on my trip to Melbourne, we popped into the State Library.

Oh, I can’t tell you the joy this place brings me! Back in 1854, when the library was conceived, the vision was that it would be the ‘the people’s university’ a place where the world’s knowledge and information would be freely available to all citizens of the growing colony of Victoria, regardless of their social status or financial resources.
This is still happening today. Late on a public holiday afternoon, the library was buzzing with uni students, school students, older people, in fact, every generation was there except the under 10s. Today, you can sit at an internet-connected computer in the library and part of the world wide web or you use the books and access everything from novels to research tomes. And photos! They have a huge photographic collection.

This defining concept has guided the Library through 157 years. I’ve got some photos below to share two of many gorgeous reading rooms. Do you have a favourite library?

photo9 photo10 photo13 photo14 photo1


One thought on “The State Library, Melbourne Australia

  1. beautiful photos Fiona – would love to visit the State Library again – i got to have a “behind the scene” tour when i was doing my library studies course which was amazing – but didn’t have enough time to see the main part of the library (apart from a quick peek into the reading room to see the dome).

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