Au-Tum-Num and theLeaves are Falling

vine2It’s Autumn or Fall as the Americans call it and the leaves are falling. It’s my favourite time of year. Days can be sunny but not too hot and mornings and evenings are crisp.

Clothes wise, it’s layer weather…lots of layers you strip on and off throughout the day.


When we lived in the U.S, I adopted the habit of seasonal decorations. One of the guys my husband worked with was a lead-lighter and he made me these great leaves which I’ve put up in the lounge room. Outside, we have an autumn decorative flag up. I tell you, I’m in the autumn spirit!tions.

We’ve filled the garden with compost, putting it to bed for the winter and hopefully we will get a fabulous showing of spring roses in October.

So I will enjoy the splash of autumn colour because within a month or so we will be into my least favourite season for the garden…the winter blah! I eagerly await the snowdrops which give the only colour.



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