Cover Cafe’s Annual Book Cover Competition

Color me excited! I’m thrilled  to say that the print edition cover of Boomerang Bride is a finalist in Cover Cafe’s annual competition and the voting is open! I ADORE this version of the cover.

Designed by Amanda Emmerson, this cover was chosen by the Australian arm of Harlequin  to grace the cover of  the Australian print edition last year. Carina Press also used it for the US print edition.

I have no clue who nominated the cover but I am

stoked that someone took the time and that it made it to the finals. If you love the cover as much as I do, you might want to pop on over to Cover Cafe and vote for it along with other covers in different categories. Three votes in three separate categories are required for the vote to count.

There is also a worst cover section and I found the covers there both oddly disturbing and compelling all at the same time! It’s worth stopping by for that section alone!

Voting is open until May 28th but why not do it now 😉


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