The Light of Books


I have a mate, Monica, who is very artistic and she takes old lamps and old books and does amazing things with them.

She calls what she does, Recycled Enlightenment. She haunts the opportunity/thrift stores for lamps and old books and then she matches them up with themes and creates magic! She has some great children’s books and lamps for bedrooms, lamps for reading rooms, cookbooks for the kitchen…you name it,she puts it together and they look great.

Here are some of her lamps. This one below is a stack of crime novels and I just LOVE the little typewriter and jigsaw pieces




She also makes fabulous postcards and greeting cards.postcards






Monica says,
her to enjoy the unique, organic process of reworking beautiful elemental objects from the past. Although its primary focus is the production of these distinctive booklamps, RECYCLED ENLIGHTENMENT also refashions other once loved materials into new art and design forms. Keep a look out for RECYCLED ENLIGHTENMENTS other artistic creations!

She also made me a standard lamp using everyone of my books! 


She sells them at markets and she also makes to order so if you fancy a lamp, check out her website and give her a call or an email.


2 thoughts on “The Light of Books

  1. Great blog Fi, you are a natural. Thanks I really appreciate it. welldone. I’ll email you a photo of the top looking down- not sure if it is the latest version of the top book art though – It looks great,
    I’m off to Venice tonight back on 22nd . Arriverdercci Fi , Monica xx

  2. Hi Fiona,
    Monica is BRILLIANT! I love these lamps. I especially love yours 🙂
    Very interesting blog.

    Buon viaggio, Monica! I LOVED Venice even though I was 15 and with my father. Gorgeous place.

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