Memories of Memorial Day Weekend

bayfield 004

It’s Memorial Day weekend in America and it got me thinking about the trips away we always took on that weekend when we lived in Wisconsin. One very memorable trip was the year winter wouldn’t end. My parents were visiting from Australia and weeks before we had planned to go to Bayfield, Wisconsin…a small town on Lake Superior, in the far north of Wisconsin. A place very similar to Whitetail, the town in my Wedding Fever trilogy.

I had visions of sparkling blue lakes, glorious blue skies, spring flowers and sunshine. Boy was I in for a surprise!

bayfield 001So here it was, May 29th that year and technically well into spring, technically closer to summer even and yet, the ice on Lake Superior had only just broken. The Lad was then a toddler and here he is insisting on playing on the beach! Snow on the beach isn’t something an Australian ever sees!

We had a fabulous weekend, albeit chilly and one of the of the wonderful  memories is how the owners of the B&B lent us their Cadillac when our car battery was flat so we could drive to the restaurant for dinner. Did we feel grand arriving in such style!

I adored the Apostle Islands and their glorious lighthouses and light house keeper’s cottages so it’s no wonder, I created Whiteteail although now I think I need to set a series of books that feature lighthouses!

bayfield 002

Between the weather, the hospitality and the scenery, we had a very memorable Memorial Weekend, so much so we still talk about it years later.

Wishing all my US readers, a happy Memorial Day weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Memories of Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Yes, it really was a great weekend. I will never forget Sandon insisting on playing in the snow and the melt water in bare feet whilst his fully clad and booted father and grandfather froze whilst watching!

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