Digital-First: Say again? How do I buy and read your book?

Her own embarrassmentWith the launch of Saved By The Bride, the first book in  my Wedding Fever trilogy, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from friends who have always bought my books in print from a physical book store.

They look at me with a bemused expression and say, ‘How do I buy this book?’

The conversations go a bit like this.

Do you have an eBook reader?

If the answer is “No”, no problem!.

Do you have a Smartphone?

If they have a smartphone I ask how they feel about reading on their phone. Big on-line book stores all have apps for iPhones and Android phones. If they feel the phone screen is too small then I suggest they read it on their computer .

Again, there are free programs to download so you can read on the computer. If they want to buy the book from Amazon, download the Kindle PC reading app.If they are shopping at the Barnes and Noble Nook store, Sony store, the Australian Booktopia, then I tell them to download the free Adobe Digital editions and read the ePUB book on their computer.

If they ask me about which eReader to buy I send them to my website where I have outlined the different eReaders.

Personally , I think you should purchase an eReader with wireless and or 3G as it will make your life a lot easier. You will be able to buy your book whenever you want and wherever you are…home, out, on vacation/holiday! I also like eINK so you can read outside but you also need a light or a backlit screen just for nighttime. So do your research!

If they already have an eReader, the next question is:

What sort of eReader do you have?

booktopiaAn iPad uses ePUB format. Many of my books can be bought from the iBookstore.  Note to Aussie Readers… right now Saved By the Bride is not on iBooks Australia but can be purchased from Booktopia, Sony Australia and JB HIFI Books. You just download the reading App for the store from the Apple App Store.

Other eReaders that use ePUB format are Sony eReader, Kobo, Nook, tablets and generic readers.

It’s Easy to buy eBooks!

The other day, an Aussie friend with an iPad asked me via email, ‘How do I buy your book?’ I sent her the Booktopia link and three minutes later I got this email…

Opened link
Purchased book
Book download
Opened Booktopia on my ipad
Book on ipad
Ready to read

So folks, it’s  that simple. Just match up your device with the format of the book eg iPad reads ePUB, Kindle reads MOBI, and BINGO. You will have a book in 60 seconds and be reading straight away.

The KEY to eBooks is matching the device to the format. Know what format of books your eReader, “reads.”

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