Picture Perfect Wedding is OUT NOW!

PicturePerfectWeddingFCFor those of you dear readers who are not on Twitter or Facebook I just want to let you know that Picture Perfect Wedding is launched! We’ve had a fun part over at Facebook with lots of bare-chested men, cute dogs and yummy food.

Picture Perfect Wedding is book 2 in my Wedding Fever trilogy. We’re back in Whitetail, Wisconsin, watching the town giving brides the keys to the town, no matter what it takes.

Amazon have Picture Perfect Wedding at the sweet price of $1.99 so I’d grab it now before it rises to $4. 

Reviews  have been really positive!

“This book was an absolute blast to read!”


“Oh my. Ms. Lowe writes a charming, entertaining, and sometimes wrenching story in Picture Perfect Wedding.”


“Fiona Lowe writes beautifully about people, relationships, wants, desires, needs, love, and romance.”


“There are so many reasons to like this book!”


Erin Davis will do whatever it takes to be the photographer for high-end brides. So what if OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcapturing the moments of people’s lives means she has no time for her own. Nothing will get between her and the security she craves, not even the gorgeous farmer refusing to let her shoot in his sunflowers.

His family has always been tied to the land, but lately Luke Anderson feels more like he’s chained. While he ponders his future, he still has cows to milk and no time to deal with Erin or Bridezillas in his fields. Yet there’s something about the sexy city girl he can’t say no to. So he says yes: just this once.

With the town in need of a photographer, Erin agrees to spend wedding season in Whitetail. The sparks flying between her and Luke quickly ignite, but just as Erin starts to picture her own happy ending, Luke takes a gamble that could risk it all…

For more weddings in Whitetail, check out Saved by the Bride, available now!           

BB Not to be out-done by her baby sister, Boomerang Bride has zoomed up the charts at 99 cents as part of Amazon Kindle’s “deal of the day”. So if you’ve been thinking of buying it, today is THE day.

For  more information on Wedding Fever and to see photos that inspired the stories, please visit my website.

Happy Reading!

Fiona x



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