The New Zealand Romance Writers’ Conference

wellingtonLast Thursday I flew to Wellington, New Zealand, the capital of this beautiful island country and the venue for both the RWNZ conference AND the Bledisloe Cup. Now, I’m not a rugby follower, but when the entire New Zealand rugby team are staying in the same hotel, a girl finds herself evaluating her sporting code. Those athletes are, well ….athletic 😉

bled cup

Are 100 middle-aged women restrained around athletic men young enough to be their sons? Ah, no. I witnessed drooling, stalking and entire body-slams. Conversations were frequently truncated with squeals and “OMG that’s…”

Sadly, I don’t have any people photos…I am hopeless that way  but it was great to catch up with fellow medical romance authors Louisa George and Sue Mackay along with many others. USA Harlequin and Berkley author, Shirley Jump, gave a great Friday workshop. It’s heartening to hear that other people’s processes are similar to yours. When I start a book, I have no idea exactly what is going to happen and I am writing into the dark and there is always a moment of panic. Turns out, that happens to other writers too!

Conferences are always a mixture of business and pleasure and this was no exception. Harlequin Australia were there and hosted an awesome dinner on the Thursday night and then on Friday I was fortunate to be standing in the right place at the right time when they were buying champagne! The food at the hotel was outstanding and now I have to hit the gym again to work it off.

On the last night, after most people had started their journey home, a few of us were able to enjoy a beautiful meal at one of the harbour restaurants. Here’s Frances Housden, me, Yvonne Lindsay, Megan Crane and Trish Morey. Thanks to Megan’s husband for taking the photo.

authors NZ

Now it’s back to the trackies, the uggies and the desk!



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