Spring Musings, Website updates and a new book.

Fathers Day 2013 004

Australian wattle; a sure sign of spring!

It’s September 2nd and yesterday it was not only Father’s Day ‘Downunder’ but it was also the official start of spring. Generally, the weather doesn’t feel like spring until mid-September but this year, with our warmest year on record so far, spring is well and truly here.

I can feel the energy the sunshine is giving me and as much as I love that, I am also a bit sad as it means the snow is melting fast and spring ski-ing in the school holidays/vacation won’t be happening. 😦 It seems every second year we have fabulous spring ski-ing. This is not one of those years.

Yesterday, the weather was perfect so we hop-footed it to the You Yangs, a national parkFathers Day 2013 005with enough gum trees to fill my soul. We walked up to Flinder’s Peak and took in the view that stretches for miles and miles and miles. We saw flat plain, mountains, rivers, the sea, farms, bush, and the green of spring. Come summer, that view will be burned brown.

After our climb, we fired up the wonderful table-top Weber BBQ and cooked up Angus beef, herb & garlic sausages, which we enjoyed with salad and followed with fruit, melting moments and a hot cup of tea! Bliss. I lay on the picnic rug and watched the windy sky and gave thanks I live in a country were we can do these things in safety and in such beautiful places.

My husband enjoyed his Father’s Day and was fortunate enough to have one boy at home.

I have never been aware of my mood being affected by winter light but I confess this year, I found my motivation wavering for the gym. Getting up in the dark, walking to the gym, working out and walking home in the dark was getting wearisome. This morning it was so much easier. The garden is bursting into life and weeds and calling me to wrestle it into some order.

The start of September also means website updates so for all the current news, includingMammoth book of medical romance latest releases, please head to my website. I have a short story in the Mammoth Book of E.R Medical romance, which is available in paperback and as an eBook. My story isn’t set in the E.R but on a ten day bike ride. Yes, I did get the idea from my cycle tour last year! .

My northern hemisphere friends are facing down autumn/fall.I confess to loving the fall colors.  My favourite seasons are spring and autumn/fall. Do you have a favourite season?


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