Renovations are not my favourite things!

As I type this, the noise of a jack hammer is floating up to the office as Jamie, the tiler is removing my kitchen floor.

Twelve years ago, when we moved into our house, it was newly renovated. Everything was sparkly and new inside the frame of a lovely old house. Then one day, you look around at your sparkly new house and realize years have passed and it’s not so sparkly any more! The grout in the kitchen floor has been coming away for a while now , cracks have developed and now the chips in the ceramic tiles can no longer be ignored. However, the rest of the kitchen is doing pretty well so we decided to do a kitchen make-over by getting a new floor, getting the chips on the cupboards repaired and replacing the door handles. The new door handles turned out to be the easiest part and I’ve had the 40 handles for about two months now waiting to be installed.

The tiles however were not an easy fix. They involved numerous Saturday mornings visiting tile stores and finding out our selection was limited due to the fact we were not changing the color scheme of the kitchen. Of course, this meant we had to get some of the most expensive tiles they had!

My kitchen is the heartbeat of the house. It has four doors leading out of it and I’m not able to use it for  a week. Yesterday, we had to move out the fridge and freezer, the table and chairs, empty the island counter and set up a very limited and temporary kitchen in my tiny laundry. Fortunately, it is just me at home this week and I have sent the cat to the cattery. Poor Pekoe wouldn’t have coped with the jack hammer and the tradesmen coming in and out. Fortunately, The Lad is back at university this week and Boy Wonder isn’t home for holidays/ vacation for two more weeks.Their bedrooms are now filled with the contents of the island counter/bench.

I will be getting a lot of exercise because to access the front of the house I have to walk outside and to get to the office I have to walk up the scary external stair case I never use. I’m not fond of heights!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done much more than painting in regards to house renovations because I am still recovering from the great bathroom renovation of 1995. Cue palpitations and counselling appointments!  I am hoping that this is going to be straightforward but who am I kidding? It is renovating (sort of) and already the plumber has stressed me but crisis averted due to some thinking outside the square on my behalf and an obliging tiler.

Not sure how much work I am going to get done on my current project but I am literally locked into my office…all doors to the kitchen are taped so I guess I put in my ear plugs and tackle chapter four!

So, hit me with your renovation stories! I want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly!


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