Yarn Bombing and knitting for the Fistula Foundation

9906207665_0328834ab1_zI’m not the world’s greatest knitter…ask my mother who spent my teenage years fixing all my mistakes…but I can knit plain and pearl. Right now, after a long time not knitting, I am making a rug for the Fistula Foundation in Ethiopia. It’s really relaxing when I don’t have to worry about cable turns or intricate patterns. 

Some people take their knitting to the extreme and “Yarn bombing” …covering still items in yarn…started in the Netherlands and is now alive and well in country Victoria. There are telephone poles in my town which have been ‘bombed’. Yesterday, I was at the Royal Melbourne Show (State Fair)and  I saw the MOST AMAZING example of yarn bombing I have ever seen.

A car and a caravan complete with a knitted Weber BBQ, knitted steaks and burgers, a bird bath and so much more. I will let the photos tell the story!

9906286265_853af5000e_z 9906311944_034c637ebe_z



Meanwhile, if you want to knit a rug for women recovering from vaginal fistula surgery, here are all the details of how to go about it.

Knit on!

In book news, Boomerang Bride is now out in mass-market paperback in the USA in Target, at Sam’s Club and in book-stores!


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