New Release; a short romantic story!

OnTheRoadAgainCoverEmailI ‘m really  excited to tell you about my very first Indie book..Indie as in independent :-). I have just self published a short story, “On The Road Again.”

It was a family affair all round. I wrote it. My son, Boy Wonder, who is 15, designed the cover for me after I had trawled the sites looking for the perfect photo, and my husband and I spent even more hours learning how to format a book. I learned about HTML, Word and a few other things. Although we spent three weekends pouring over the class notes, they were three very wet and wintry weekends so a good way to pass the time!


The idea for this story came last year when I was on a ten day bike ride. As I climbed punishing hills and free-wheeled down the other side, I dreamed up a story. The characters are fictitious but the towns are all real and I rode through them last December. For more pictures head here

So what is is about?

Dr. Felicity Hamilton-Smith desperately needs a change of scene so she signs up for a ten-day bike ride around Victoria. The last thing she expects is to run slap-bang into her former fiancé. For her, the past is over and best left behind, or so she thinks. The last time Dr. Drew Baxter saw Felicity was when he broke her heart when he left to serve in Afghanistan. Now, seeing her again, is breaking his.

At 12,500 words, it’s the perfect pocket-sized read to fill in the time when you’re waiting for kids, sitting on public transport, riding in the tractor, or at the end of the day when you don’t want a big read. It’s a steal at 99 cents and you can buy it at Smashwords in every eBook format or at Amazon Kindle. I hope you enjoy it!

Oh and what do you think of the cover?


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