Gold Coast Angels; Bundle of Trouble on shelf now in Australia & New Zealand.

I have a new novel out this month called Bundle of Trouble. It’s a stand-alone novel but if you’ve been following the Gold Coast Angels series, then Bundle of Trouble is book three.

Four authors; Marion Lennox, Fiona McArthur, Amy Andrews and me, wrote the books which feature different staff from the Gold Coast City Hospital, however there is one story running quietly in the background of each book and Amy got the fun bit of finally giving this sparing couple their happily-ever-after.

But back to Bundle of Trouble 😉  Set with the glittering Gold Coast as the background, neither Chloe Kefes or Luke Stanley are party people and that got me thinking about what it is like to live in a holiday destination that pumps 24/7.

Chloe’s life hasn’t been easy and just as she’s turning thirty and finally feeling like she’s on top of things, it changes again, only this time instead of fighting for a roof over her head and food on the table, she’s fighting risking her heart again.

Luke Stanley had it all; beautiful wife, cute baby daughter, head of Plastic Surgery at Gold Coast City hospital and then it vanished in a heartbeat leaving behind only guilt and heartache. The last thing he wants is to love again but it’s the one thing he needs.

This book is an emotional read but it also has plenty of light moments in it. How could it not when it features a Labrador puppy 😉

Reviews have been very positive and enthusiastic. Harlequin Junkies says,

Overall,Gold Coast Angels: Bundle Of Trouble by Fiona Lowe is everything a medical romance should be about and I would recommend it to everyone who loves medical romance. 5*

It’s on shelf now in Australia and New Zealand and you can grab it at Big W, Kmart, Target, as well as buying it online at iTunes, JBHI Books,  Amazon, Booktopia  and all other eBook retailers.

My website has an excerpt and some photos as well as the background information on the story. I hope you enjoy this book!

As you may or may not know, my books get published around the world and each country puts their own cover on the novel. This is the first time I have ever had a ‘spot the difference’ cover!

gold coast angelsgold coast angels AUS


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