Basil and a new book series with Berkley.

basilAh Spring, you fickle thing you! Today has a hint of summer in the air after last week’s plunge back into winter and as it’s November 18th and the chance of frost is slim, it’s time to plant the basil. Each year in the herb garden…well to be honest it is mostly a parsley and mint garden with some healthy thyme and struggling oregano.., I plant basil. We harvest it all summer and make heaps of pesto. A lot lands in the freezer so that in mid-winter we can have fresh pesto with our chicken.

Pekoe, the cat’s outdoor tower is on the edge of the herb garden. I guess I really should peeksplant some catnip for her although she can’t roll in it so I guess that would be mean. Here she is checking me out as I plant the basil. It always amazes me how tiny slips of seedlings can survive and grow into lovely, lush plants. Well, with a bit of help from snail bait!

Book news? I’m excited about a new project!! I’m working on a new contemporary romance series set in Montana and to be published by Berkley/Penguin USA. Think small town meets Grey’s Anatomy. Titles, release dates and all that jazz will be coming later and I will be sure to post it here and on my website. 

The Publishers Marketplace announcement went out on Friday.

2012 RITA Award winner Fiona Lowe’s untitled contemporary romance, pitched as “Duck Dynasty meets Grey’s Anatomy”, in which a Chicago doctor comes to a rural community and learns how different practising medicine is when you have to get to know the patients, in a two-book deal, to Wendy McCurdy at Berkley by Helen Breitwieser at Cornerstone Literary, (World rights).



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